Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home

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I've been off the weblog for some time. Sorry about that. But I'm again with a protracted pending publish.

I've been requested to jot down a publish on workouts for triceps. I've listed isolation (single muscle) in addition to compound (a number of muscle tissue) actions which might be handiest for triceps and may be accomplished with minimal equipments at dwelling.

I've additionally listed what number of reps and units to do for every workouts and the way you may stop your self from getting injured whereas doing these workouts. One small tip from me: maintain your actions gradual and managed

Before I point out the workouts, let me provide you with a short overview of triceps anatomy. Yes it is crucial!

Triceps Anatomy

Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home

The phrase TRI in triceps signifies three. Triceps has three heads: Lateral, lengthy and medial (image above). Likewise biceps have two heads: lengthy head and quick head. Triceps consists of two/3 of your higher arm, so if you wish to have toned arms, working solely your biceps day and evening received’t assist. And guys who need massive arms, if you're studying this, begin working your tris

Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home

I'm itemizing workouts right here that may goal all three heads of your triceps. These may be accomplished at dwelling. I at all times advocate at the very least one body weight train for any muscle group, as a result of if you wish to have a purposeful and match physique, you need to have the ability to elevate your self first.

Diamond /Triangle /shut grip pushups


The conventional methodology of doing this train requires you to maintain your palms as shut as doable whereas making a triangle, however since this isn't a simple train, you might also wish to maintain your palms barely aside as proven within the video above . You can verify this video on youtube – “”

If you continue to discover it troublesome, attempt doing the pushups on knee model of this proven right here – “” .

And if you're considering “pushups are for chest” then I might say sure, however pushups is a compound motion (involving a number of muscle tissue) the place chest is the first muscle and triceps are secondary. And diamond pushups are designed in a means in order that it places plenty of stress in your triceps making it work extra as in comparison with regular pushups.

Reps and Sets: – 2 units to failure

PS: once we say failure, we imply that you simply maintain doing it until you aren't in a position to do another rep with appropriate type even if you wish to.

Injury prevention tip: – Keep your elbows near your torso whereas doing this motion. Don’t flare them out. It places plenty of pressure in your shoulders in any other case.

Bench dips

“” .

If you discover this train too straightforward for you, you might attempt a variation i.e. maintain your toes on a bench as a substitute of the ground for added resistance like right here – “”.

In case you discover it too troublesome, attempt to not go deep to type an entire 90 diploma. Go partially deep and do extra reps

Reps and units: – 3 units to failure

Injury prevention suggestions: –

  1. Although the old fashioned methodology is to maintain your palms shoulder width aside, however I recommend you retain the palms nearer than shoulder width. This methodology takes the pressure off your shoulders and engages plenty of triceps.
  2. Keep your torso near the bench or else you'll find yourself participating plenty of shoulders (anterior deltoids) as a substitute of triceps.

Triceps kickback


Jeeeez !! I hate the voice of this stylish! For correct outcomes, attempt to maintain the contracted place for a second or two as proven within the image.

triceps exercise Triceps kickback

Also on this pic, the lady’s torso is parallel to the bottom whereas within the video it isn't so. Both the types are appropriate however I desire the one on this image as a result of it helps me keep my type in order that I don’t interact my shoulders. You ought to solely transfer your decrease arm. See what errors to forestall whereas doing this train right here. – “”

Reps and units: – 3 to 4 units of 15 reps every

Overhead triceps extension (one arm)


Keep your elbows tucked in on a regular basis whereas doing this motion.

If you discover your dumbbell too heavy for this train, you might attempt each hand overhead triceps extension. Remember, elbows tucked in! “”

Reps and units: – 3 units of 12 for single arm. 3 units of 16-20 for each arms

Pilates boxing


Last however not the least. You can do that as a heat up earlier than beginning your train. You also can do that in between the workouts simply to keep up blood move in your arms all through the session. Does this contain any triceps? Yes it does. Any push motion includes triceps. And punches are push actions :).

Reps and units: – one minute for two occasions with 30 seconds break in between.

triceps exercise pilates boxing

Any man studying this? Are you frightened that you haven't been ready so as to add extra weights to your bench press or army press? May be it's time you begin working in your triceps too as a result of each bench and army presses are push actions 🙂

There are quite a few different workouts for triceps however I've listed the best ones that may be accomplished at dwelling. My subsequent posts will comply with workouts for biceps, shoulders and midsection after which I'll let you know how you may mix all of those for handiest outcomes.

Stay robust !

P.S – Read the Diet Plan for weight reduction right here. Sorry about not embedding youtube movies straight, these are big and may carry down IWB. – Luv Tarun

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