One of the issues we love to listen to in The Healthy Mummy Community is how one mum’s success has motivated one other mum to maintain entering into her well being and weight reduction journey.

These six mums have seen wonderful success and wish to share with others how they did it, what retains them motivated and suggestions for different mums.

Read their tales beneath…

Mums share their successes and the way they keep motivated within the hopes to inspire others

Tarryn Hensler – 22kgs – “I’m excited every day to make and reach new goals”

Tarryn is a mum of six from QLD who homeschools her children and joined the Healthy Mummy after the delivery of her sixth child in February 2022 and has misplaced 22 kg and located new confidence, vitality and motivation.

“I’m a homeschooling Mumma to 6 from QLD. I began my Healthy Mummy journey after the birth of my 6th baby in early February 2022. I was heavy, exhausted, unmotivated and sad! Since February, I have lost a total of 22 kilos and countless cms with The Healthy Mummy app, Healthy Mummy Smoothies and Healthy Mummy workouts, and I’m so glad I took the chance on myself.”

“I feel like I now have all the tools to continue on my journey and reach more of my health goals. Since beginning my journey, I feel like I have so much more energy and motivation and even the sadness I once felt is gone!”

She’s now so enthusiastic about what she will be able to do sooner or later and what the long run holds. She’s additionally not the one one who’s benefited from her life-style modifications, her husband and youngsters have too.

“I’m excited every day to make and reach new goals and see the changes in my body and mind! My husband and children have benefited from this journey too, and feel like they’ve got a better version of me now, which is absolutely priceless! I’m excited to see where this journey takes me.”

Randa Jaide – 35kgs – “I had no focus on the scales; I just wanted to be fit and healthy”

Miranda or Randa Jaide is a 40-year-old mum of three children aged 3, 8 and 9 from Brisbane who misplaced 0kg in 8 months, then switched it as much as lose one other 15kg and targeted on bettering her health and firming. With a complete weight lack of 35kg, which she’s maintained for two years, Miranda credit The Healthy Mummy Smoothies, meal plans and exercises for not solely reworking her physique however her household’s well being as effectively.

“I joined the Healthy Mummy 3 years in the past at 6 weeks post-partum, at 104kg, and in a really foggy headspace. In the primary 8 months, I misplaced 20kg, then slowly chipped away on the subsequent 15 whereas specializing in health and firming. I’m now the place my physique is meant to be and have maintained the 35kg weight reduction for nearly 2 years.

“I started with the original vanilla smoothie and metabolism support tabs, and 3 years later, I still have them every morning. I love all the smoothies, but I still go back to where it all started with the original vanilla.”

“My whole family enjoys all the meals and over the years, we’ve developed some faves like devilled sausages, stuffed capsicums, chicken and spinach pasta, sausage bake and the list goes on. I like to make muffins for easy snacks as well as the Weetbix slice, choc mint balls and the belly-blasting protein balls, too everything is yummy quick and easy.”

She began small when it got here to train as a result of she didn’t wish to push too onerous and quit however finally moved on to finally construct up the health to be operating in half marathons, one thing she by no means thought potential.

“I first started with walking 3-5km a day, and then I incorporated app workouts such as dance strong and Tabata. I then worked my way up to running while on my walks and now can run half marathons (which I never thought possible) I also enjoy the kettlebell and boxing workouts along with pilates, and well, I just love them all, really.”

“One thing that really worked for me when I first started my journey was that I didn’t have a goal weight or size in mind, so I had no focus on the scales. I just wanted to be fit and healthy, of course seeing the scales drop was awesome but the non-scale victories (NSV) are what kept me going, like trying my shoes with ease, fitting in a seat properly, wrapping a towel around myself, my kids being able to put their arms around me to hug me, fitting in playground equipment, these are the true wins and lifestyle changes so please don’t just focus on the scales look at the whole picture because it’s so much bigger than you think.”

Her message to different mums simply beginning out is that this:

“So let’s do this ladies, let’s make it our time to really shine and make those good choices a habit.”

Fi Redding – 13kgs (34kgs after the earlier child) – “Every day is a new day, every minute is a new minute”

Fi is a 34-year-old Melbourne mum to 2 children who're nearly 3 and eight months. She’s misplaced a complete of 34kgs with The Healthy Mummy after her first child and has misplaced 13kg after bub quantity two with a purpose of dropping one other 6 or 7 kg. She’s an enormous fan of utilizing images or household as her greatest motivation to maintain going and keep on observe and remind herself that it’s a wholesome life-style change that she’s really enthusiastic about.

“After my first bub, I lost 34kg using the Healthy Mummy and have so far lost 13kg after this bub with 6 to 7 to go. I use photos to stay motivated and track my progress. And my family are my motivation. I also found I love living this healthy lifestyle and am passionate about it, and I find this really helps.”

“The Plant-Based Smoothie, I can’t live without them. Control X and Carb X, Super Greens and the Immune Smoothie Boosters.”

“All these products work for me, and I love them.”

“It’s so hard to choose just one recipe that I love. I guess if I had to pick just one. The Nacho hotdogs.”

“There are so many snack recipes I love. It would be a toss between the Healthy Weetbix slice and Mint Bubble Crunch.”

“The workouts are all great, but I personally love any of the weights, kettlebell/full body weights and the no equipment.”

What would Fi say to different mums trying to get began?

“Every day is a new day. Every minute is a new minute. Set small goals you have the power to do amazing things.”

“Give it ago, and set small achievable goals for both food and exercise. Even a 5 Min walk is better than nothing.”

Jessica Lewis – 30kgs – “This is a journey – not an overnight solution”

Jess is a 32-year-old Gold Coast mum of three aged 7, 5 and 16 months. With the assistance of The Healthy Mummy she’s misplaced 30kgs in 10 months, however she’s been with the Healthy Mummy for 13 months the place she’s discovered that the scales are the important thing to your weight reduction journey.

“I remind myself of my why all the time. I also think rewarding results along the way and making short-term and long-term goals has helped as well as having the support of my family – it’s a family lifestyle.”

“I love so many of The Healthy Mummy products! Love the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, the Smoothie Boosters, Super Greens, Protein Powders, ahh too many!”

“My favourite recipes include the sticky chicken fried rice tray bake, baked chicken spaghetti, chicken enchiladas oh yes we love chicken! We love them all.”

“We also love the chocolate brownie cookie, chocolate flourless cake and yes love chocolate! Biscoff cheesecake is another.”

“My favourite workouts are the Take 10 workouts as they are so quick and versatile, keeping me engaged.”

Jess’s recommendation to different mums.

“Don’t focus on the weight solely, as it can become an obsession.”

“Start small and focus on making those changes into habits and slowly increase as you go. It will make those changes a forever thing and support the weight not coming back on!”

“This is a forever change, but you need to remember that and don’t just focus on the short term but know you’ve got this.”

Her primary tip for different mums?

“Please be kind to yourself. This is a journey – not an overnight solution, a lifestyle change – not a fad diet. The wins will come, but they will take time. Believe in yourself, and you can achieve anything, but be kind! Also, don’t compare yourself to others because you are unique and amazing in your own right!”

Vanessa Matteucci – 17kgs – “I feel much healthier and fitter since starting Healthy Mummy”

Vanessa is a 45-year-old mum to three children that lives within the stunning Blue Mountains in NSW. She’s misplaced 17kg since January, and though it’s taken roughly 6 months to get these outcomes, she is completely pleased along with her outcomes thus far.

“I have lost 17 kilos since mid-January and dropped 1 dress size by almost 2!! (I am hopeful!) it has taken me roughly 6 months to get here and I am very pleased with my results so far.”

“I feel much healthier and fitter since starting Healthy Mummy. I love how the app keeps me accountable for my calories for the day and how easy this is to stick to.”

“Exercise is also very important to my success as well I love to go walking and if I am not doing that I use my cross trainer but walking is great, and I love getting some fresh air whilst burning calories and is a very good way to start the day.” 

“I decided to start my Healthy Mummy journey so I could be happy and healthy not only for myself but for my family.”

“My goals are to work out every day if I can! do more meal prepping so that when things get busy at home or with the study, I have healthy, nutritious meals I can warm up and make things easier for myself. I would also like to try more workouts from the app that I have not had the chance to yet so many great ones to choose from.”

“I also would like to add how incredibly tasty and nutritious the Healthy Mummy Smoothies are my personal favourite is Chocolate, and these are incredibly handy when you are time-poor and need to have a meal or snack on the run! and with so many amazing flavours to choose from, why wouldn’t you stock up on these? So good!!”

“My favourite meal from the Healthy Mummy app, without a doubt, is the Honey soy chicken and rice, Zucchini & bacon slice, and for dessert, you cannot go past the Healthy chocolate Weetbix slice! Yum!!”

“I cannot wait to share my journey with you all and support and inspire you all and watch you succeed with all your healthy mummy journeys. Have a fabulous day.”

Meagan Collins – “I have achieved many different types of results” – “Don’t fully put your trust in the scales. A picture says a 1,000+ words”

Meagan lives within the stunning Swan Valley in WA along with her household of two sons (1yr and 5yr) plus her fabulous husband! She’s achieved so many issues with The Healthy Mummy however believes bringing her confidence again has been her greatest achievement.

“I have achieved many different types of results thanks to The Healthy Mummy. The biggest result I have achieved is bringing back my confidence! I now see myself in a totally different positive way! Plus, I have also learnt that it’s alright to put myself first!”

I adopted (The Healthy Mummy) for a few years after my first son was born. I used a lot of their free articles and recipes. But it wasn’t till the beginning of this 12 months I absolutely dedicated and received my first membership. Knowing that we lastly had our second little one and life was settling down, it was time to deal with myself.”

“I decided that 2022 was The Year Of Me! The Healthy Mummy has been a wonderful tool for helping me achieve this!”

“One of the biggest health benefits I have achieved from this wonderful program is that I’m so much more active! I look forward to doing the daily workouts. I have so much energy to get through my day. Plus I can finally keep up with all my boys now!”

“After constantly looking at photos of myself and then putting myself down about the way I felt, with the way I looked, this finally made me decide it was time for a change. I was missing out on many special moments with my kids and constantly letting them down by saying no. It was definitely time for a change!”

“My goal for August is to get my weight below 105kg! This is a goal I have been trying to achieve for a while. But I’m hoping with daily weight checks and workouts, I can achieve this goal!”

“I love starting my day with a Healthy Mummy Smoothie. They are quick and easy plus full of goodness! Having the smoothies in my home now means I never have an excuse to skip a meal!!”

“My favourite meal from the app is the new mug pizza! My biggest weakness is the peanut butter pie. Plus, I love to end my day with a 28 Day Stronger workout from the Healthy Mummy app and breathwork from the Healthy Mummy Wellness app.”

For all new mummies, listed below are just a few suggestions Meagan has that will help you on this journey:

  • Don’t absolutely put your belief within the scales, and an image says a 1000+ phrases
  • Small numbers are a greater
  • It’s OK to take a step backwards. Just take 2 steps ahead!

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