How to SPOT the indicators of overtraining…⁠

After literal a long time (!!) of overtraining, I’ve realized a factor or two about in the reduction of on health whenever you adore it a lot. ⁠

It’s not at all times straightforward, however it's at all times obligatory.⁠


Here’s spot the indicators that you simply’re overtraining

Extreme fatigue😴 ⁠

During the exercise, you're feeling nice. Two hours after that exercise? You crash. You want a cup of espresso, a nap, or a loooong sit on the sofa. Motivation plummets. Brain fog units in. ⁠

Getting away from bed is a chore 🛌⁠

Getting away from bed within the morning feels terrible. You hit snooze one million occasions and wrestle to your first cup of joe. You don’t have the identical power or motivation as earlier than. ⁠

Sleep points 💤⁠

Waking up in the midst of the evening, not staying asleep, not falling asleep, waking up hungry due to low blood sugar, and so forth. ⁠

Craving carbs and sugar🍞⁠

Constantly wanting the candy stuff (gimme ALL the cookies). ⁠

Headaches 🤯⁠

Headaches could be a signal of doing an excessive amount of and are associated to dehydration, electrolyte loss, and so forth.⁠

Weight acquire ⚖️⁠

This occurred to me throughout my Orangetheory expertise! I gained weight shortly, largely in my stomach, hip, and butt space, which could be very hormonal. ⁠

PMS/hormonal imbalances 🤦‍♀️⁠

Extreme PMS, irregular cycles, hair loss, you identify it. ⁠

Overuse accidents 🤕 ⁠

Think hip accidents, knee accidents, and so forth. ⁠

If any of these resonate with you, it could possibly be time to regulate your exercises.

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