My body is just the container I carry my brain around in.” These had been the phrases of Shonda Rhimes, she mentioned them whereas she ate pizzas, ice cream, and cheese with bacon in it.

Shonda ate something which had bacon in it. She used to like the way in which she was. Shonda didn’t care a lot about what different individuals mentioned about her physique.

She mentioned: “I believe everyone’s body is theirs and everyone has a right to love their body in whatever size and shape and package it comes in. I will fight for anyone’s right to do so. I will kick ass and take names if I have to. Your body is yours. My body is mine. No one’s body is up for comment. No matter how small, how large, how curvy, how flat. If you love you, then I love you.

But for Shonda this was not about loving herself, she didn’t really feel good. Her knees harm, and her joints harm. She was on hypertension remedy. It was not attainable for her to the touch her toes.

She mentioned: “My toes are untouchable”. Shonda thought reducing weight wouldn't be straightforward. Thinking about reducing weight, following a weight-reduction plan, and doing a exercise made her afraid.

After all these difficulties, how did she overcomes the obstacles and now stay a really wholesome life? Let’s discover out.

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Weight Loss Journey

Shonda Rhimes is a really profitable tv producer. One day she had a flight to New York. She had a first-class ticket, a giant first-class comfortable seat.

Shonda settles in, footwear off, pulls out her guide (The Year of Yes), and grabs the seat belt, she was unable to buckle up. She was actually too fats for a first-class seat belt.

The humiliation was beginning to make Shonda sweat. Shonda mentioned: “I decide that I have two choices: I can ask the flight attendant for the seat belt extender, or I can go without a seat belt.” She selected to go with no seat belt.

This incident made Shonda understand that she has to do one thing about her weight. She thought “How do I say yes to this one?” The 12 months of Yes, She realizes has turn out to be a snowball rolling down a hill. 

Every sure adjustments one thing. Every sure is a little more transformative. Shonda was fascinated about find out how to say sure with the intention to get wholesome. After just a few days, she was mendacity on the mattress and consuming goodies, watching TV. She realizes that she has been saying sure to fatness.

The airplane seat belt incident of 2014 had made her placing meals on prime of the stuff, was not an possibility. After that incident, she was not capable of take care of being numb. Now numb feels creepy to her. The meals doesn’t sparkle anymore— it suffocates. 

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How Shonda Rhimes Lost Weight

Losing weight isn't going to be straightforward, mentioned Shonda. Shonda by no means misplaced greater than 15 fifteen kilos in her life earlier than, except it concerned critical abdomen flu or self-starvation to such an extent that docs had been known as. 

She gave herself a alternative. Shonda mentioned: “There were two options: I can say yes, I want to be successful at this. I want to be healthy, I want to live a long life for myself and for my children. I want to feel good.

And once I say that I have to buckle down and do the work and not complain and accept that the work is going to be hard. Because that is what it is. Work. Hard work. But I will be able to buckle my seat belt on the plane.

I won’t have narcissistic fears of a karmic plane crash. I won’t have a giant coffin and wear a tent for a dress. If I say yes, the life I save will be my own

OR: I can say no. Screw losing weight. Screw you, Skinny! I can say I do not want to be successful at this, I want to eat fried chicken. I want to be veal

But if I say no, if I say that I do not want to do the work? Then game over. I have to shut up. I don’t want to hear me

On March 8, 2014, Shonda mentioned sure to reducing weight. And when she stepped on the dimensions on March 1, 2015, She had misplaced nearly 100 kilos. After that, she repeatedly misplaced extra.

In whole, she misplaced 150 kilos. Anything over 15 kilos was sudden. It was very laborious for her. She used to make plenty of rational excuses to not shed pounds. But ultimately, she needed to face that bitter fact. She can not cover from it for very lengthy. 

Now many individuals will ask what she did to shed pounds. What was the weight-reduction plan plan and did she be part of any program with the intention to shed pounds?

Diet Plan

Shonda Rhimes didn't comply with any particular weight-reduction plan or use any particular program. And She didn’t have any form of weight reduction surgical procedure. 

The very first thing Shonda did was to start out by seeing a licensed doctor. She went to her physician and mentioned: “I don’t wanna be fat anymore. Help. Me.” Her physician actually applauded her. She needed to see progress in even the smallest methods. Whatever recommendation her physician provides she follows. 

Shonda drinks sixty-four ounces of water day-after-day. This is plenty of water. But it made her pores and skin look improbable. 

The most necessary rule for her was that “no food was off-limits”. She may eat something she needed, so long as she ate an inexpensive portion. This was the toughest half for her. 

Workout Plan

Shonda promised herself that she's going to by no means do any form of train that she doesn’t like. So she didn’t. In the start, she didn’t train in any respect. She was busy making an attempt to persuade herself to not eat all the pieces she may get her arms on. 

But when felt prepared, she known as Jeanette Jenkins. Now Shonda was prepared and she or he did what she was informed. Jennette acquired her doing pilates and she or he beloved it. It’s an train you do mendacity down. 

Before & After Weight Loss

Shonda Rhimes Weight Loss

As she began to shed pounds, she stopped pondering of her physique as a mere container for her mind. She grew to become extra conscious of it. In each manner, the way it labored, the way it felt, the way it moved.

Shonda seen how the muscle tissue in her again tightened up in response to emphasize. She stretched extra typically.

In her guide, Shonda mentioned: “This is gonna sound weird but I became obsessed with my skin and making it perfectly smooth and soft. This meant a LOT of moisturizing of knees and feet and hands before bed. And I started to feel strong. Like, truly strong.

When I power posed now, I didn’t just feel confident like Wonder Woman. I felt like Wonder Woman. Fifty pounds in, I put my daughter Emerson on my back and galloped up and down the halls of our house with her hanging on to my shoulders and squealing. After I put her down for her nap, I sat down on the steps and burst into tears.

Four months ago, there was no way I would have been able to haul myself down the hall even once with a child on my back.


When Shonda walked previous a mirror, she caught a glimpse and thought, Who is that? The woman within the mirror is a dimension she hasn’t been since she was sixteen years outdated. And she seems to be youthful.

The journey was laborious for Shonda however she is totally pleased with the outcomes. And if you're struggling to shed pounds and never doing any effort to beat it then bear in mind, it solely took the correct of sure to try this. Make the correct of sure and begin your journey for a greater life.

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