The Panatta Circular Rowing Machine is right for coaching the again muscular tissues, with explicit deal with the mid-upper half; the round trajectory on the transverse aircraft determines a excessive activation of the mid-trapezius, rhomboids and rear deltoids, with out abandoning the work of the latissumus dorsi and biceps brachii.

The machine is supplied with gas-assisted top adjustment of the seat and depth adjustment of the chest relaxation to adapt to the dimensions of any consumer; the 2 unbiased levers enable the load to be distributed symmetrically and balanced on each limbs, making it doable to work bilaterally or unilaterally, within the latter case additionally exploiting the mounted central deal with.

The customary configuration of the Rowing Machine Circular contains mounted double handles that enable for a susceptible or impartial grip; as an possibility, the machine may be geared up with particular jointed and rotating handles that enable the palms to be positioned at any angle. Using these handles, the grip will also be diverse through the train with a purpose to customise and differ the motion, excluding any forcing on the joint buildings.

• Prone Grip

The motion happens in a close to transverse aircraft, with the humerus performing an virtually pure abduction; muscle activation is targeting the higher again with a robust activation of the rear deltoid, along with the rhomboid and center trapezius. The susceptible grip additionally limits the intervention of the elbow flexors (brachial and biceps brachii) by concentrating the work on the again.

• Neutral Grip

The motion shifts to an intermediate aircraft between the transverse and sagittal planes, combining abduction and extension of the humerus; along with the rhomboid and center trapezius, the extensor muscular tissues such because the latissimus dorsi and nice spherical muscular tissues are activated. The impartial grip implies a better, though not but optimum, intervention of the elbow flexors.

• Supine Grip

Only doable with elective rotating grips, the motion takes place near the sagittal aircraft, the humerus extends over with a robust contribution of the latissimus dorsi and teres main; on this situation, furthermore, the elbow flexors are in one of the best situation to precise their potential.







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