So many items full the image of optimum well being, with weight-reduction plan and vitamin on the forefront. Supplementation is the norm for many of us to gas our physique with sufficient vitamins, but one vitamin with a plethora of well being advantages has been missed. That vitamin is understood collectively as Vitamin Okay (16 kinds). To date, Vitamin Okay is without doubt one of the least acknowledged however most indispensable nutritional vitamins within the human physique. The most popular high quality supply is Koncentrated K.

Benefits of Vitamin Okay

Vitamin Okay is related to reversing heart problems, strengthening bones, interfering with the expansion of most cancers cells, benefitting these with continual kidney illness, serving to regulate insulin in folks with diabetes, bettering cognitive functioning, and far more. Vitamin Okay is of course occurring and is a non-toxic catalyst to assist within the therapy these illnesses.

Koncentrated K is formulated with the three key varieties of vitamin Okay at doses excessive sufficient to be therapeutic: Vitamin K1, Mk7, Mk4, and Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is taken into account to be one of the best antioxidant obtainable. Koncentrated Okay consists of these important nutritional vitamins at a biologically efficient dosage. Each capsule incorporates sufficient Okay nutritional vitamins to keep up your common bodily necessities and the additional quantities your physique could must reverse the illness course of that may start because of a vitamin Okay deficiency. Research has proven that many individuals should not have sufficient vitamin Okay to keep up fundamental well being necessities, a lot much less to realize the well being and healing advantages it provides. Koncentrated K is formulated to deal with these deficiencies per the recommendations of the Vitamin Okay specialists.

Supported by Research

Micronutrients, together with nutritional vitamins and minerals, help vitality creation and restore. Under a load of strenuous train, intestine absorption of micronutrients is decreased, and lack of micronutrients from sweat, urine, and stool will increase, creating an elevated demand for metabolic pathways. Vitamin Okay is a essential vitamin that prompts very important proteins in tissues all through the physique. Research continues to foster vitamin Okay as a health-promoting complement, which can help in stopping a variety of disabling illnesses (Wei et al., 2019).

Improves athletic endurance. “Vitamin K2 restores mitochondrial function and has a key role in production of mitochondrial adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Vitamin K2 supplementation was associated with a 12% improvement in cardiac output, and there was a trend towards changes in heart rate and stroke volume compared to the control group. These changes are consistent with increased maximal cardiovascular performance with MK7 supplementation.”1

Vitamin Okay and bone well being. “Vitamin K status is associated with some aging-related diseases including osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and sarcopenia. Several clinical studies show that vitamin K may have a beneficial effect on muscle quality reflected by physical performance.”2

The Man Behind Koncentrated Okay: ‘How I Saved My Life’

Patrick J. Theut, a biochemical engineer, coach, athlete, and the proprietor of Koncentrated K, is a medical marvel who reversed atherosclerosis and saved his life when he took management of his well being and poured over analysis in peer-reviewed journals to get the details. “There is no substitute for critical thinking and objective evidence,” Theut mentioned. It’s been 20 years after he was first recognized with extreme plaque buildup within the left important coronary artery and given 4 years to dwell. Today, Theut is 69, 6’, 195 kilos and pole-vaults for enjoyable. “I am alive and living to tell how I beat this 18-headed dragon of heart disease.”

Koncentrated Okay

• 30.5 mg of Okay Complex

• Vitamin K1 5000 mcg (4,167% Daily Value)

• Vitamin K2 (MK-4) 25 mg

• Vitamin K2 (MK-7) 0.5 mg

• 2 mg Astaxanthin

Vitamin Okay is without doubt one of the least acknowledged however most indispensable nutritional vitamins within the human physique, and the popular high quality supply is Koncentrated Okay.

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