Jimmy is an American R&B/Pop songwriter and file producer. It is sort of inconceivable to say Jimmy with out his music accomplice, Terry Steven Lewis. Jimmy and Lewis are pals since highschool. Both have achieved nice success by means of songwriting and file producing. However, our important focus on this article is Jimmy. 

Jimmy is the grasp of Piano, Keyboards, drum machines, and synthesizers. With his rising fame and followers, nonetheless, Jimmy was going through an issue and was battling it. His downside was his weight which was rising with every passing day.

When in 2018 Jimmy appeared on the purple carpet together with his daughter, Bella, he appeared chubby. However, this all modified in only a few months. When once more he appeared on the purple carpet, this time together with his spouse Lisa, followers obtained shocked.

Jimmy was actually half of what he was once 4 months in the past. His followers made a pattern on social media, presenting their completely different theories. Some mentioned that he have to be battling some extreme illness and that's the reason he has misplaced that a lot weight. 

However, a fellow singer Keith Sweat made it clear that the change in his physique have to be due to his food plan or exercise for his weight reduction. Because it will not be attainable in any other case that he misplaced half of his weight in only a few months. It is clear that he began his weight reduction journey after January of 2018 and did nice progress between February and June.

How did Jimmy Lose Weight? 

jimmy jam weight loss journey

Now, the query is, how did JImmy lose a lot weight in a really brief time. Most of Jimmy’s life is a secret, he doesn't disclose a lot of what's going on in his life. Which is the principle motive why his followers make so many assumptions about his life.

After Jam’s followers realized that Jimmy was not battling any illness, which in fact in any other case the world would have identified. They began making different assumptions. Some of Jimmy’s followers advised that he will need to have gone underneath some weight reduction surgical procedure.

Because of the good change in his weight, this assumption is sensible. But after we did our analysis and began to learn about his life it turned out that there wasn’t any surgical procedure behind that. It was his strict routine which included a well-disciplined food plan plan and exercise that helped him in overcoming his weight.

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Diet Plan

Jimmy’s spouse, Lisa, remarked his weight reduction as “great job in half of a year”. Jimmy’s food plan plan, which he nonetheless follows, is especially comprised of greens cooked in olive oil. Following is jimmy’s food plan plan intimately:


He wakes up early within the morning between 5 to six am after which he goes to stroll. After the stroll, Jimmy visits the fitness center, which we might talk about later, after coming back from the fitness center he eats his breakfast which is merely comprised of salad fried in olive oil. Instead of Coffee or milk tea, Jimmy drinks inexperienced tea for breakfast.


For lunch, Jimmy eats completely different meals, nonetheless, his extra repetitive meals are composed of Salmon fish and Cruciferous Vegetables. Although Salmon is a fatty fish it has only a few energy. It helps jimmy to retain his vitality degree for a very long time. Another benefit of consuming salmon in lunch is that it additionally fulfils your iodine wants.

 Salmon fish primarily accommodates protein which makes it a nutritious diet. While Cruciferous Vegetables include Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage. This food plan like salmon fish can be stuffed with proteins, thus a wholesome alternative for a weight reduction food plan. Cruciferous Vegetables are excessive in fibre and vitamins which improved Jimmy’s general well being.


In dinner, Jimmy’s important focus is on a singular food plan known as “Black Bean-Quinoa Buddha Bowl”. This food plan merely accommodates grains, which give energy to the physique and assist in shedding fats. Hence Jimmy’s best option for dinner.

Workout Plan

As talked about earlier Jimmy’s private life is sort of secret. We tried so onerous to get success find out his food plan and we occurred to be fortunate. However, this luck didn't occur find his exercise plan.

However, we succeeded in reaching one in all Jimmy’s fellow gym-goer from whom we discovered that it's sure Jimmy visits the fitness center each morning after a stroll and spends two hours there. He mentioned that Jimmy’s important focus is on weight lifting and biking at sluggish pace. That is all we learn about his fitness center life.

How a lot weight did Jimmy lose?

In a press interview, Jimmy’s spouse Lisa knowledgeable that in just a few months of strict food plan and intense exercise Jimmy has managed to lose 25 kilos! Which is in fact an amazing deal.

Before and After

Jimmy Jam before after weight loss

As it may be seen from the primary picture (which was captured in January 2018) through which Jimmy is current together with his daughter on a purple carpet occasion and appears very wholesome. However, the story is completely modified within the second picture which was captured in June 2018. Jimmy’s onerous work might be traced from the distinction between the 2 pictures. 

Where is he now?

Jimmy Jam,Terry Lewis

Jimmy nonetheless follows his food plan and exercise plan. He has turn out to be very slim from what he was two years in the past. 

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Final Words

When requested by a reporter about his weight reduction, Jimmy answered that he was feeling the necessity for some weight reduction. “Because it was about my health I wanted to be fit and fine”, Jam answered. He talked about that it's onerous to drop some pounds however it’s price doing.

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