Renee Judd is a 41-year-old mum of two from Melbourne, Victoria, who hadn’t purchased new garments for two years and when she went to get new pair of denims, she cried. This triggered her to go all in on remodeling her well being, so she pledged to lose 10kg in The Healthy Mummy 12 Week Challenge.

She wasn’t even assured she’d lose 5kg and could be proud of 6kg so when Renee misplaced 14.2 kg within the 12 weeks she was over the moon!

Read extra about her journey beneath…

12 week problem outcomes: 14.2kgs misplaced, beating her pledge by 4.2 kgs!

Renee and her household have been via rather a lot within the final couple of years. Two years of being out and in of lockdown in Melbourne has meant she hasn’t cared a lot about her weight. She’s additionally not purchased any new garments, so when she went to get a brand new pair of denims for her husband’s birthday dinner, she was shocked to find she wouldn’t match the scale 18 and would want a dimension 20.

“My defining moment of joining Healthy Mummy and beginning the journey to a new me was when I went to buy a new pair of Jeans. Due to Melbourne lockdowns, I hadn’t bought any new clothes in over 2 years, let’s face it, we had nowhere to go, and all my clothes were tight, and I refused to buy the next size up.”

“Then, we were going out for my husband’s birthday, Anzac Day weekend, so I decided it was time for a new pair of jeans. I went into the change rooms with a pair of size 18. They were the same size I was currently wearing, the same style I was wearing, and I couldn’t do them up.”

Renee broke down, she knew she’d placed on weight however was so deflated by the very fact the scale 18 didn’t match.

“I sat in the change rooms and cried…..I was not buying size 20, honestly, I didn’t even want to try them on…..what if they were also too small.”

Renee’s 10 week outcomes

She knew she needed to make a change, and what higher means to make sure you fulfil this than to get a good friend on board with you! So she referred to as up a good friend, they usually each determined to vary their lives.

“So I left, went home and rang my GF and asked her if she would join me.”

Beyond the denims not becoming, Renee knew she was additionally struggling in different elements of her life, sad, unmotivated and simply general, not herself. But she was prepared to vary!

“I wanted to change, I hated who I had become, I was so depressed, so unmotivated, my body hurt everywhere, I couldn’t sleep, I was irrititable with the kids, I didn’t want to do anything, I literally went to work and took my kids to there sports, convinced I had no time for myself, and I needed new jeans!”


The first cease was Priceline to get a Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie to begin the Healthy Mummy journey then she determined to enroll in the 12 week problem.

“On my very first day, I went to Priceline and bought my first jar of smoothie powder Healthy Mummy Tummy Vanilla. I figured I’m all in. I signed up for a 12 week challenge I’m going to give it my all for 12 weeks, I know they’re not weight loss shakes, but they must help.”

12 week problem pledge

I pledged to lose 5kg in 12 weeks, after which after I wrote it, I assumed I can do higher than that, so I deleted it and wrote 10kg. I actually thought there was no means and would have been proud of 6kg.

With her newfound pledge to vary her life, Renee additionally discovered a love for Healthy Mummy Smoothies of all flavours and sooooo many recipes.

So began my love for smoothies. I knew my problem meals were lunch and snacks, and at work, I’m just so busy trying to cram 10hrs into 6hrs so I can get home to take my kids everywhere, so I knew Lunch Smoothies were going to be a great addition, they would hopefully fill me up and not make me binge all arvo because I was hungry or stop at the corner shop as I left work to grab an iced coffee and chocolate bar.”

Not usually an adventurous particular person with meals, Renee discovered consolation in how scrumptious the Smoothies had been and what number of completely different flavours and recipes had been obtainable.

“I am not a very adventurous person when it comes to food. We eat very plain, with no spice. So the Healthy Mummy Smoothies were a fabulous start. I started adding just frozen berries, then looked on the app and made the Cellulite Reducing Berry smoothie because I loved the name, plus it literally only added spinach extra.”

She began to make use of the Smoothie recipes within the app and try to make as many various colors as attainable utilizing the substances she had at dwelling.

“Then it became a game, what different one can I make today, what colour, what ingredient do I have.. is it an app smoothie? The kids jumped on board and wanted to make them for me. I was having Caramel Shakes, Peach shakes, Kiwi shakes, Banana Choc Shakes, Anzac shakes, Coffee shakes, Blueberry shakes, Pineapple Shakes.”

She not solely modified her life, however her hubby additionally wished in!

“I think I have tried nearly half the app recipes, and a few weeks into my journey, hubby even asked if I could make him a lunch shake. So I bought some Healthy Man Meal Replacement and now make x2 every work day.”

What does she prefer to eat, in addition to her love of smoothies

So along with her love of Healthy Mummy Smoothies properly and really in full power, she additionally seemed on the meals that she might make for her household.

“There were the snacks, and I was so lucky I convinced my friend to join. We only live a few streets away, and we usually bake two lots of snacks a week, then split them, so really, we have four types to get us through; it’s amazing.”

“Some days, usually when it’s been really busy, she shows up..out of the blue… at the door with her selection, and I’m good for a few more days.”

“We share Oat Caramel Slice, Weetbix slice, Asian PorkBalls, Egg Bacon Muffins, Nutty Carrot Muffins, and Pizza scrolls, just to name a few.”

Renee now loves that she is ready to get dinner on the desk each night time fairly than counting on takeaway or drive-through.

“Then there are dinners. I love the meal plan as I think one of the hardest parts of a mum’s day is deciding what’s for dinner, so now I check it out the week before, get the ingredients, and dinner is on the table every night. No need for the drive-through anymore.”

“The other great ring s that there is literally a Healthy Mummy recipe for everything. We haven’t missed out on anything. We have had Pizzas, lasagna, Bangers and Mash, nachos, Pork buy, past carbonara, risotto, fish and chips, schnitzels, and nuggets, so the whole house has been happy.”

Her buddies had been particularly impressed when she turned up for his or her common pizza night time with substances to make her personal fairly than purchase, so impressed all of the husbands went to purchase extra substances, so all of them made their very own!

“Even our friends are impressed! We have pizza night once a month, and after starting. I took my own ingredients to a friend’s place and made my own. Everyone was so impressed that instead of going to pick up bought pizzas, the husbands went to pick up more ingredients for everyone.”

She additionally bought one other good friend to hitch the Healthy Mummy too!

“Now, my friend has both joined as well.”

Renee has additionally seen her checking account profit from how she’s consuming with The Healthy Mummy.

“I have saved so much money on Healthy Mummy just by eating cleaner, I’m not missing out, but just with the two chocolate bars, two chocolate blocks, two iced coffees and two Red Bulls a week, I’m saving, let alone my life and my families.”

Some of Renee’s favorite recipes – Day on a plate

  • Breakfast: Grilled Peach French Toast
  • Morning Snack: Hummus & Cucumber Crackers
  • Lunch: Avocado, Pineapple Cheese Melt
  • Afternoon Snack: Pizza Scroll
  • Dinner: Miso Salmon
  • Supper: Dark Chocolate and Strawberry Parfait

Find all these scrumptious recipes and all of Renee’s favorite Smoothie recipes in The Healthy Mummy app.

The Healthy Mummy has modified her complete life!

Before she found The Healthy Mummy, she didn’t imagine she had time in her life to take care of herself. Between taking care of her household and different life commitments, she had no power to cook dinner or organise meals. This has all modified.

“Before The Healthy Mummy, I was convinced there was no time for me, so there was no time to make lunch, we were now having takeaway at least 2 times a week as I was just too tired and lazy to cook.”

“Then after dinner, we would have a treat on couch, but the treat was becoming every night and a whole block of something or packet of something….and not a good something…..then I thought, what sort of an example is this setting for my kids, things have to change.”

“I am now happier than I have been in a really long time. I’m making time for myself, to walk, catch up with friends, even go shopping. I’m now sleeping through the night, even eating lunch, and I didn’t need to buy new jeans yet. I fit into my old size 14 jeans now.”

Renee’s 12 week problem objectives:

  • To do 2 health actions every week. Prior to beginning, I used to be doing zero
  • Increase my water consumption from 0 to eight glasses
  • Cut down on my Tea ingesting with 2 sugars from 10 a day, to now No Sugar, x1 with milk and relaxation natural tea
  • Loose 10kg
  • Make wholesome meals for myself and my household
  • Feel happier in myself

“So far, I have hit every goal so, I have just now extended my membership and signed up for the 6month challenge!”

6-month problem objectives are:

  • To purchase new bathers for Summer in a dimension 12-14
  • Buy new Summer garments I really feel completely happy and cozy in
  • Maintain my 2lt a day water consumption
  • Exercise each week 3 instances
  • Go bodyboarding with my children, in bathers, at a crowded seaside for everybody to see me at Christmas
  • Loose one other 10kg

My 3 ideas I might give to mums beginning out:

  1. Make short-term objectives. Even although I wished to lose 10kg in 12 weeks, my first aim was to lose 2kg. Making smaller achievable objectives spurred me on and stored me centered.
  2. Buy a brand new water bottle. In the previous, I've not been a giant water drinker, would go with out for hours and find yourself binge consuming. I'm now realising that I wasn’t hungry in any respect I used to be thirsty and dehydrated. So what higher technique to make water thrilling than in a pleasant new water bottle. I do know my lovely 600ml white bottle must be refilled 3 instances minimal a day, plus my glass at dinner to succeed in 2lt.
  3. You’re not alone. I began my journey with my BFF. We would ship footage of the meals we made/advocate, we drop one another off snacks we bake so we get selection. We share our Scale and Non-Scale victories and disappointments. And whereas this isn't an choice for everybody to be on the Healthy Mummy journey with these BFFs, all Healthy Mummy’s have entry to our on-line help teams, there are such a lot of fantastic ladies on there to ask for assist and to congratulate you.

What different recommendation would Renee give different mums who possibly don’t really feel like themselves and want to make a large change?

“My best advice to people starting out…is just to try….try your best each day.”

“Try to drink your water….not something I did before.”

“Try to eat 6 meals a day. Even if it’s not a great choice, try eating a little less of it than last time.”

“Stop saying you have no time….we can always find time if we want. I began committing to at least two 30min walks a week between my current commitments.”

“Some weeks, this means walking around the sports stadium while kids train. Other times it means a 10min app workout while dinner is cooking….only 10min, and tea is in the oven.”

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