Ideal Meal® is a premium meal substitute in contrast to something in the marketplace.

By Bryan Hildebrand

Ideal Meal® is a premium meal substitute in contrast to something in the marketplace. This isn’t one other protein product or revamp of some old-school protein ideology. Each serving comprises a exact and balanced degree of carbohydrate to protein ratio to help muscle glycogen wants. Ideal Meal® is made primarily of Pro-Rx®, which comprises an unusually excessive variety of immunoglobulins (IgG) and complete protein sources. Ideal Meal® with IgG is a premium, extremely bioavailable meal substitute powder that's excessive in protein and contains a novel bovine serum albumin (BSA) focus.

This distinctive protein is remoted from bovine plasma and consists of naturally occurring bioactive peptides and progress elements, which permit for fast amino acid supply to advertise lean muscle mass and restoration. It has a wonderful array of amino acids, together with excessive ranges of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Pro-Rx® whey product is derived from cows that graze year-round on chemical- and pesticide-free pure pastures. Organic isn't a useful customary to search for as a result of many natural dairies use or complement with grain through the yr.

In immediately’s busy world the place individuals are at all times on the go, vitamin appears to fall to the wayside and that’s one of many explanation why fast-food chains are so worthwhile. People need one thing fast and simple that may fulfill their starvation although deep down they know what they're ingesting isn’t essentially the most nutritious for them. This meal substitute additionally comprises 25 important nutritional vitamins and minerals to help your physique’s wants, in contrast to the processed and infrequently poorly digestible fast-food choices.

So why fall into the entice of greasy, quick meals? Ideal Meal® was designed in your busy way of life. Simply add a single serving with juice, milk or water, and blend. What you might have is a nutrient-dense meal substitute in a matter of seconds with a tremendous macronutrient profile at a value less expensive than any meal prep or quick meals.

Ideal Meal® makes use of a proprietary filtration and drying methodology that entails a minimal quantity of processing. The result's a microbial-safe product that exceeds all requirements and makes it the optimum vitamin whey powder. This isn't one other bizarre microfiltration, hydrolysis or ion trade filtration whey. All of those strategies denature (harm) the unique protein parts. They are completely wonderful as a supply of protein however not a whole-food supply. After use of those business strategies, the broken proteins are then filtered out and what stays is a slim vary of “undenatured” proteins which have survived the whey manufacturing course of.

Pro-Rx® comprises greater than 10 occasions greater immunoglobulins per gram than bizarre whey isolates or concentrates. This provides the proper constructing blocks for protein synthesis in addition to supporting intestine immune operate, by modulating the intestine microbiota and strengthening the integrity of the intestine lining. An further profit when in comparison with whey is that it's much less insulinogenic whereas having a better stimulatory impact on IGF-1, a potent signaling hormone for muscle tissue progress.

Hi-Tech’s Research and Development Team discovered this distinctive protein whereas learning knowledge from burn sufferers that seemed for proteins that have been particularly instrumental for facilitating weight upkeep in people with varied atrophy. Observing modifications within the intestinal mucosa as a result of chemotherapy, HIV, elevated and sustained cortisol ranges or different conditional environments that adversely have an effect on the GI tract, which led to catastrophic weight reduction. Hi-Tech’s R&D workforce knew if it labored underneath these circumstances, it might actually lead an individual in common to good well being with growing muscle tissue and restoration help in immediately’s typically harsh meals consumption atmosphere.

Ideal Meal®

Each scoop is loaded with:

• Exclusive Pro-Rx® protein mix to advertise lean muscle constructing

• Precise and balanced degree of carbohydrates to protein ratio to help muscle glycogen wants in addition to vitality ranges at relaxation and through train

• Low in fats to help a lean, wholesome physique

• No added sugar

• 25 important nutritional vitamins and minerals to help your physique’s wants

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