If we may get the meals within the fridge to final indefinitely that may be nice! Unfortunately, most meals doesn't final so long as we like, and is commonly forgotten and misplaced behind the fridge, or spoils sooner than we anticipated.

Don’t let your fridge grow to be a meals graveyard, the place vegetables and fruit come to die. Fear not! We’ve acquired some nice ideas and methods to assist your meals keep recent and reside to its fullest potential!


If you're employed within the meals or hospitality trade you'll know this one nicely! The idea: be certain that the most recent meals go behind the fridge and shift the older stuff to the entrance, utilizing these first. Introducing an “eat me first” bin within the fridge also can assist with this to forestall the older meals from spoilage and getting “lost”.


Keeping leftovers and cooked meals within the fridge is a good technique to have fast nutritious meals able to go all through the week. Store cooked meals coated in hermetic containers on the TOP shelf of your fridge to forestall cross-contamination from different uncooked meals. Use cooked meals inside 3 DAYS. If you might be planning to maintain the meals for any longer, pop it within the freezer on day 1 as an alternative. When storing cooked meals, cool it all the way down to room temperature earlier than storing it within the fridge to keep away from elevating the fridge temperature and spoiling different meals.


Store meat, dairy and eggs in your decrease fridge cabinets to keep away from cross contamination. Most meat will be saved for 2-3 days within the fridge, however monitor and follow all expiration dates. If you might be not sure of how outdated one thing is, simply keep in mind, if doubtful, throw it out!


There’s all the time excessive hopes when shopping for recent fruit and greens, nevertheless, they could be a MAJOR wrongdoer for spoilage within the fridge. The components that have an effect on freshness can range broadly from temperature, moisture, and the time from when it was first picked. Here are a number of ideas that may assist with the freshness of your fruit and veg.

Store fruit and greens within the crisper on the backside of your fridge. You could wish to go away some fruits at room temperature to ripen first, however as soon as ripe switch to the fridge.

To forestall wilting, carrots and celery will be saved in water in an hermetic container! You can wrap carrots in a moist paper towel and zip lock bag within the fridge.

Rinsing recent berries in a vinegar/water answer can cease mould and maintain them brisker for longer.

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This final tip goes a bit in opposition to the grain, however lower your avocado’s throughout the highest as an alternative of lengthways. This exposes much less of the flesh and reduces browning when not utilizing the entire avocado. Put the “hat” again on the avocado, wrap in glad wrap or use a zipper lock bag, and retailer within the fridge crisper.

Your fridge is a good software for retaining recent and nutritious meals readily available. With the following tips and methods, now your meals can keep brisker for longer. In the long term, it will really assist you to obtain your objectives and nourish your physique. Happy storing! x

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