• 60-minute reside workshop with Tina


  • Extensive Q&A to permit for questions on your personal private scenario


  • Estrogen dominance quiz


  • Guide to easy methods to stability estrogen naturally with DIM


  • Post-birth management syndrome handout


  • Recipe e-book with over 50 recipes to advertise hormonal fats loss  


  • Discount pricing on complete hormone testing


Just such as you, I struggled with heavy, painful durations and a gradual metabolism. I had terrible complications and generally migraines. My pores and skin was a large number from hormonal zits breakouts, and I used to be not often serious about attractive time with my husband. Overall, I simply felt depressing.

Estrogen dominance is the commonest hormonal imbalance in girls. It occurs when there’s extra estrogen relative to different hormones within the physique. Common life components like being pregnant/postpartum, hormone remedy, hormonal contraception, and even stress could make estrogen skyrocket. Functional testing confirmed that I had an estrogen imbalance.

Here’s the excellent news: I fastened it with diet and wholesome, sustainable life-style adjustments.

Today, I’m… 

  • No longer a PMS monster
  • Keeping the burden and bloat off
  • No longer affected by zits, complications, and loopy temper swings.
  • Interested in my husband… and feeling SEXY!

I created this Estrogen Dominance workshop to show girls about Estrogen Dominance and to indicate them do-able methods to help their physique’s pure rhythms of hormone creation.

Are you able to be freed from the ache, irritability, and weight achieve that include “being a woman”? Are you able to really feel like the very best model of your self?

This workshop is all about serving to you LOVE your physique by coming in tune with estrogen and its vital position in our lives as girls.

I can’t wait to see you there!

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