Are you questioning if low cortisol inflicting your fatigue and weight acquire? Read on for some widespread signs of low cortisol. 

Have you been experiencing any of the next…

* Dizziness
* Weight acquire
* Low blood strain
* Allergies
* Poor restoration from exercises
* Salt cravings
* Depression or nervousness
* Exercise intolerance
* Sleep points
* Poor reminiscence or mind fog
* Low vitality/fatigue
* Low libido
* Pain and irritation
* Frequent sickness

If so, you can be affected by Low Cortisol.

Is low cortisol inflicting your fatigue and weight acquire?


Cortisol is a naturally-occurring steroid hormone that helps regulate physique processes corresponding to your metabolism and your immune response. Having a correct cortisol degree is important for weight and stress administration and on your total good well being.

When your mind is just not telling your adrenals (technically, your mind and HPA-Axis) to supply sufficient cortisol to assist your physique methods, you begin to expertise a few of these signs.

Some potential causes you could be have Low Cortisol ranges:

* Chronic stress
* Excessive train and endurance coaching
* Low-fat or low-carb diets, under-eating usually
* Head trauma
* Cortisol suppressing meds like corticosteroids, antidepressants, or opiates
* Addison’s illness

Some of the most effective methods to handle Low Cortisol is to keep away from habits and actions that trigger the issue within the first place.

Be positive to keep away from the next:

* Over-exercising
* Low-carb/Low-fat diets
* Skipping meals or Intermittent Fasting
* Inflammatory meals, alcohol, and caffeine

What to do about low cortisol and weight acquire

* Sleep and relaxation
* Eat sufficient
* Reduce high-intensity train
* Replenish misplaced minerals, particularly vitamin C sodium, potassium, magnesium

Unsure if in case you have Low Cortisol and wish to study extra?

How to check for low cortisol

A DUTCH check may also help! This urine-sample primarily based (completely non-invasive) check may be executed at residence. As a FDN practitioner, I may also help you analyze your outcomes and create a plan of motion shifting ahead. Click the hyperlink under to use for teaching and join with a CNC coach immediately!


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