The Mexican boxer, Ruiz, has proved himself a variety of instances. He is without doubt one of the best boxers of all time.

A former Unified Heavyweight Champion and the primary Mexican boxer to grow to be the world heavyweight champion.

As of 2021, Andy is ranked quantity the highest 10 boxers by The Ring journal, ESPN, and Transformational Boxing Rankings Board.

However, as of now, Ruiz isn't the heavyweight anymore who entered the ring with Joshua. He has modified quite a bit inside the previous few months. Andy has misplaced 55 kilos. Which, being a boxer, is without doubt one of the bravest choices. 

But listening to Andy speak about his big weight reduction, he appears to be very glad with it. His followers, alternatively, are involved about Ruiz’s profession.

Some of them suppose that Ruiz has made an excellent determination and his heavyweight isn't going to sluggish him down anymore.

Others, nonetheless, should not of the identical opinion. They suppose that by shedding 55 kilos, Andy has misplaced his punching energy as effectively, which was considered one of his huge powers. So, what does Andy himself take into consideration his weight reduction? And how did he try this within the first place?

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Andy Ruiz’s Weight Loss Journey

Ruiz’s weight reduction journey began when he misplaced his combat with Joshua in Saudi Arabia. “When I lost that fight I gained up to 310 pounds”, Andy recalled. After that, Andy launched into the journey to shed extra pounds. He had a purpose proper in entrance of him: to shed extra pounds that was stopping him.

His sudden and big transformation has shocked everybody. Not solely his followers however his opponents as effectively. While the general public had been frightened concerning the fall in Andy’s energy, Andy, himself, was fairly certain that this wasn’t the case. 

When you lose 55 pounds, isn’t this possible that you have lost some of your punching power as well? Doesn’t this concern you?”, the interviewer requested Ruiz. His reply was very fascinating. Ruiz answered, “No, that doesn’t concern me at all”.

Turning to our subsequent query, How did Andy lose a lot weight? He has adopted a well-established weight-reduction plan plan. The factor that made an enormous distinction in Ruiz’s weight reduction journey was his continuous exercises within the gymnasium. Following are the main points.

Andy’s Diet Plan

When Andy selected to shed extra pounds, he reduce down his meals consumption by half. He gave up consuming oily meals.

Most of the time, Andy would go for the salad. To keep away from extreme sugar consumption, Andy additionally gave up ingesting. Instead of alcohol, he selected to drink recent fruit juice.

Andy’s Workout Plan

Now that the Mexican boxer had determined to shed extra pounds, he was spending extra time within the gymnasium. He would do all cardio exercises.

Besides that, Ruiz would run for hours. He knew that if he was to shed extra pounds he may lose a few of his punching energy, so he needed to substitute it with velocity.

In his interview with Men’s Health, Ruiz described his hardships as “I was so depressed and tired of the way I was living,”. Ruiz continued, “I prayed to God to forgive me for the things I’ve done and to give me the strength to change. The next day, all the temptations went away, my mind focused and I knew what I wanted and needed to do” [1].


After shedding greater than 50 kilos, Ruiz began displaying up for exercises in a singular manner. He would put on a black t-shirt that had a quote over it, I don’t wish to be fats anymore.

Before & After Weight Loss

Andy Ruiz before after weight loss

Ruiz, whereas seeming very glad, instructed the interviewer, “Now, I’m right down to 255 to 257 kilos. I‘ve come from 310 pounds”. While losing 55 pounds along the way.

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Final Words

It is true that defeats come our way. But that only proves that they are part of life. The point is what we have learned from them.

Ruiz can be a very great example in this matter. He lost his championship to Joshua and what did he do? He didn’t cry over it, he didn’t remorse it. He discovered from it. Probably the best lesson of his life. So, be a instructor of your individual.

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