Sulewski is an American YouTuber, actress, and host of Teen’s Vogue. She began her YouTube profession in 2014 in Chicago. She began her appearing profession in 2022 after showing in her first film, I Love My Dad. Besides that, Claudia has additionally ventured into the world of vogue. She collaborated with Nordstorm BP. 

Recently, Sulewski shocked her followers and followers by importing her new video. It was obvious that she had misplaced weight. She appeared manner slimmer and completely different than earlier than. The change, after all, was certain to go observed. And quickly after the discharge of her new video, Claudia acquired plenty of questions.

She received her DM crammed with followers asking how did she do it. While some have been keen on how she managed to lose that a lot weight, others questioned whether or not she was combating any type of sickness. For these of you, who nonetheless suppose that Claudia is ailing, she isn't.

She misplaced weight just because she needed to. There was no sickness. In her current video, Sulewski talked about her weight reduction at size. She defined her entire weight reduction journey. 

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Claudia’s Weight Loss Journey

“It started in high school,” Sulewski recalled. “I used to compare my body with celebrities. I guess it is quite common for us girls to compare ourselves with other girls and worry about it. Looking back at it, it seems very funny.”

She began caring about how did she look in her teen years. However, proper now, Claudia really understands that each kind of physique is exclusive and exquisite. “I know this topic is very sensitive and anyone discussing it should be very careful,” she stated about weight reduction.

She stated that every time she talks about weight reduction, she doesn’t imply that she was unhealthy earlier than and is more healthy now. “I understood and accepted this quite long ago that no matter what you do your body changes,” Claudia stated.

Claudia’s Struggle With Weight Loss

Claudia Sulewski before weight loss

Throughout the years, Sulewski tried some ways to shed extra pounds however nothing appeared to work. She went vegan for 7 months. Not solely that however Claudia additionally began counting what number of energy she takes in a day. And to regulate her additional consumed energy, Sulewski would simply go on fasting for days.

It was destroying her bodily and psychological well being, whereas she thought it was enhancing her. “I not only had to deal with that but also the ‘glamorous life of Los Angeles’”, Sulewski stated. “I was so insecure about my body that if someone would just post a group photo without my approval, I would get mad.”

How did Claudia Lose Weight?

The most essential factor in her weight reduction proved to be her understanding of how her physique labored. She stated that it didn’t occur in a second however by repeating the identical routine for greater than a yr. She reminded her followers that weight reduction doesn’t occur very quick.

Sulewski shared a listing of straightforward guidelines by following which she succeeded in dropping greater than 18 kilos. The guidelines she adopted are easy and everybody, who's constant sufficient can observe them. Here we go:

1. Take It Slowly

“Whatever you are eating right now, take it slow,” Sulewski stated. “Don’t cut out half of your diet in a moment. Rather take short steps. Your body needs to adjust to the change. So, cut your calorie consumption slowly and gradually.” 

The major cause why so many individuals don’t find yourself reducing weight is that they attempt to do every thing in a second. This isn't the way it works. Cutting down half of your weight loss plan would solely consequence within the elimination of your vitality. And you'd find yourself consuming extra meals than you decreased.

2. Cutting Down Alcohol Consumption

Sulewski minimize down alcohol consumption for one month as effectively and it performed out in her favor. “It was necessary to put a limit on how much booze I drank because, in the summer of 2018, I was out there drinking and partying. I needed that break,” she stated.

Taking a break from alcohol is important in addition to wholesome. It not solely makes us achieve weight however ingesting alcohol makes us really feel hungry. It robs us of our vitality and in flip, we find yourself consuming extra meals than we want, which ends up in weight achieve.

3. Move Your Body

“Weight loss is all about moving your body, staying active, and working,” Claudia stated. Talking in regards to the significance of exercising, Sulewski stated, “Moving your body is very important. Stretching your muscles, running, exercising, and getting your heart rate up. All of it is important.”

Claudia stated that understanding isn't about torturing or tiring your self. Rather it's about discovering one thing that you just love doing and that burns your energy. To shed extra pounds, she began spending extra time within the fitness center, the place she would do cardio exercises for practically an hour.

Claudia additionally received concerned in sports activities. She did biking, operating, dancing, and swimming. All of those actions are enjoyable to do however they're additionally very wholesome to your physique. Sulewski burnt additional energy whereas on the similar time having fun with it.

4. Cutting Down Dairy Products

To shed extra pounds, Sulewski additionally restricted her dairy product consumption, which helped her a lot in reducing weight. She additionally recommended the identical to those that wish to shed extra pounds. “Cutting down these products helped me in achieving weight loss faster,” she stated.

5. Finding Something That Suits You

“Everyone has different tastes and bodies. So, I wouldn’t go on and suggest someone eat this or that diet,” Claudia stated. “I would say find what your body wants. If you don’t want to eat broccoli or brussels sprouts, don’t eat them. There are plenty of healthy diets to choose from.”

Some of the wholesome meals that Sulewski loves consuming are avocado toast, oatmeal, smoothies, hearty salads, and tofu veggie stirfry. “Avocado, I would eat that every single day and would never be mad about it,” Sulewski defined her weight loss plan plan. “Broccoli is my most favorite vegetable. It would never let me down.”

6. Enjoy Your Cheat Meals

One factor you deserve after placing a lot effort into your weight reduction is having fun with your cheat meal. Talking about which, Sulewski stated, “I stopped associating sweets/junk food with guilt and allowed it to be exciting. The easiest way for me to enjoy it is with someone.”

She added, “I don’t want to live my life like someone who is so focused on what they are eating that they forget to appreciate life. I try to eat healthily but I don’t worry about it all the time. I’ve been there and it didn’t make my life any better.”

Before & After Weight Loss

Claudia Sulewski before after weight loss

After altering her strategy to dwelling a wholesome life and incorporating wholesome habits in her life, Claudia succeeded in eliminating 18 kilos. Her present weight is 116 kilos. Whereas earlier than she weighed round 135 kilos.

Final Words

There’s little question that all of us are completely different and our our bodies are completely different. And what works for somebody might not work for different individuals. And that is one thing to be completely satisfied about. Because it leaves us with a activity. It leaves us to discover our life in our personal manner. It leaves us to seek out what is best for us and what works for us.

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