PEAK ATP® is a game-changer to extend muscle energy output, enhance blood circulation and ship spectacular efficiency outcomes.

Fitness-minded folks of all ranges, from gymnasium rats, weekend warriors to skilled athletes, are at all times on the lookout for one thing to present them a aggressive edge – whether or not to extend energy, power and muscle mass, cut back fatigue or enhance restoration. Anyone working arduous every single day to remain in form is on the lookout for a complement that may assist them reap essentially the most reward with the least effort. PEAK ATP® does all of it. By rising the work quantity of a exercise, PEAK ATP® may also help you take advantage of time spent exercising.

ATP Fuels Exercise

ATP is one thing all residing cells use for power – it’s our physique’s common power forex powering all organic reactions that permits cells to perform and life to exist. ATP additionally fuels train. The demand for ATP is elevated as much as 1,000-fold throughout train, and ATP turnover can restrict high-intensity efficiency. ATP can also be an vital signaling molecule, notably for nerves, muscle tissues and blood vessels. Given the performance-boosting potential of ATP, it’s not stunning that corporations have sought to develop ATP dietary supplements, however hit roadblocks resulting from a scarcity of bioavailability – even when utilizing doses as excessive as 5,000 mg.1,2,3 PEAK ATP® is a game-changer to extend muscle energy output, enhance blood circulation and ship spectacular efficiency outcomes.

Clinically Validated

Available solely from TSI Group Ltd., PEAK ATP® is a clinically validated and patented type of adenosine 5’-triphosphate (ATP) disodium. It’s the one dietary ingredient that's similar in construction to the ATP produced and utilized by the human physique. PEAK ATP® is a bioavailable type of practical power that potentiates the position of ATP within the physique, notably together with train, permitting customers to do extra and obtain extra, with much less fatigue.

Energy for Working Muscles

Both long-term and acute research have demonstrated the favorable results of oral ATP supplementation on athletic efficiency, skeletal muscle hypertrophy, physique composition and restoration in resistance-trained athletes. As a person will get deeper into their exercise, PEAK ATP® could assist cut back protein breakdown and forestall efficiency drop-off.4,5,6,7

A serious PEAK ATP® examine famous the next advantages in people:4,9

• 147% improve in power

• 30% improve in energy

• 96% better muscle thickness

Improved Recovery

PEAK ATP® may also help enhance restoration. PEAK ATP® supplementation has been proven to scale back systolic blood stress after cardio train, in comparison with placebo.8 Equally notable, ATP supplementation could assist improve the probability of parasympathetic restoration after train. The parasympathetic system will be likened to your physique’s “brake” that slows down bodily exercise after train or stress, and helps reestablish steadiness (homeostasis). Increased parasympathetic exercise causes coronary heart price and respiration to decelerate and encourages quicker restoration of coronary heart price variability (HRV) after train.8 As train aficionados know, restoration is a key part of any train program. It’s when muscle development takes place and the faster you recuperate, the quicker you'll be able to hit the gymnasium once more.


• Improved Exercise Performance

• Greater Muscle Strength

• Increased Power

• Reduced Fatigue

• Increased Muscle Size

• Improved Blood Flow

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