Q: Is there any hurt to performing behind-the-neck lat pulldowns? A coach in my gymnasium informed me they are often harmful.


The coach was right. As a common rule, you need to keep away from any train that requires pulling or pushing a weight behind the neck. The drawback with these strikes is that they place the shoulder joint in a biomechanically disadvantageous place. Because the shoulder joint is so cell – with freedom in all planes of motion – it's also extremely unstable (elevated joint flexibility essentially ends in decreased stability).

In the end place of the behind-the-neck lat pulldown, the humerus (higher arm bone) is compelled again in a way that concurrently causes excessive abduction and exterior rotation of the shoulder joint. This locations quite a lot of stress on the shoulder capsule, which may trigger injury to smooth tissue constructions, particularly the small rotator cuff muscle tissues. Worse, repeated use of the train may cause stretching of the shoulder joint ligaments, growing the prospect of everlasting deformation. Over time, the ligaments can turn into so unfastened that surgical procedure is required to reinstate stability, setting again your coaching efforts for months.

There’s additionally a bent to tug the neck ahead and downward throughout efficiency, growing the prospect of harm to the cervical backbone and corresponding muscle tissues and ligaments. There is even the hazard of vertebral trauma if the bar is pulled down too exhausting on the spinous course of. Given the truth that research have proven the behind-the-neck model is much less efficient than different variations of lat pulldowns, there isn't any cause to incorporate it as a part of your coaching arsenal.



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