The observe of Yoga has helped many human beings since 3000 BCE. This historical approach has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals in tough occasions as properly.

Because of its limitless advantages, in the present day yoga is practiced all the world over. Many persons are becoming a member of on each day foundation and are getting advantages for themselves.

With the passage of time as Yoga advanced its strategies elevated. Though it isn't recognized who precisely first practiced it however the roots of Yoga may be present in Hinduism and Buddhism.

There are many benefits that an individual can acquire from the observe of yoga. And it may be carried out for a whole bunch of issues. But our principal focus right here is ‘how to use Yoga to lose weight?’.

What if I inform you you could lose a big quantity of weight simply by the second of your fingers? This approach is known as “Mudra” in yoga. Here is what it is best to know and what it is best to do.

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Mudra for weight lose

Mudra is solely a set of hand gestures. That must be carried out with some little little bit of directions. It is an easy train.

If you're bored with taking good care of each little bit of what you eat. Or you don’t wish to exhaust your self within the health club until you possibly can’t even stroll. This is what it is best to do.

Mudra shouldn't be solely straightforward however very environment friendly for dropping pounds. It is a priceless present for individuals who can’t train due to some bodily points or who can’t observe a food plan plan due to some health-related points.

How Mudra helps in dropping pounds?

You would possibly ask that ‘how can Mudra be so efficient when it does not include anybody exercise?’ Well, the reply to this query is, Mudra is certainly a really environment friendly method of dropping pounds.

Because it produces inner warmth within the physique this warmth travels in your physique and burns all of the fats. The principal goal of this warmth is fats round your stomach. Which ends in a flat abdomen.

Elements of Mudra Yoga

Elements of Mudra Yoga

Before beginning Mudra strategies there may be some vital data, I want to share with you. Which will assist you to in performing Mudra higher.

Yogis (Yoga academics) outline the 5 components of Yoga. This signifies that Yoga has 5 components, particularly Agni (hearth), Akash (Space/Sky), Jai (water), Vayu (Air), and Prithvi (Earth).

Are sounds acquainted with historical Greek philosophy, doesn’t it? Exactly, Yoga is an historical observe.

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7 Effective Mudra Techniques

Here are the 7 Mudra strategies which might be extraordinarily efficient and can lead to a really wholesome physique. The method of performing strategies is outlined intimately you possibly can simply carry out them at residence.

1. Vayaan Mudra

Vayaan Mudra

Vayaan Mudra is intently related with the air ingredient. This Mudra helps you in focusing in your inside self.

Vayaan Mudra helps in bettering the nervous system. This approach helps you in focusing solely and solely in your consciousness.

It makes you extra self-aware. When your thoughts is evident then your mind solely focuses on air.

This in flip brings your consideration to your physique and the physique finds it straightforward to supply warmth. Which burns the fats. Despite the burden loss, Vayaan Mudra can also be a method of meditation.

Steps of performing Vayaan Mudra

  • Sit in an empty room with relaxed physique posture.
  • Connect your index and center fingers with the tip of your thumb. While elevate each different fingers towards the sky.
  • Close your eyes and preserve your again straight.
  • Exert stress whereas reaching the degrees of consolation.
  • Hold this place for 20 minutes each day. And it will lead to wholesome physique.

2. Surya Mudra

Surya Mudra

This mudra is related with the fireplace (Agni) ingredient. Surya actually means “sun” in Sanskrit. This mudra helps you in amassing vitality in your physique after which serving to you in digesting meals completely.

Most of the time the ineffective digestive system contributes loads to weight acquire. This observe boosts the metabolism in your physique and will increase the effectivity of your digestive system.

The morning time is ideal to carry out Surya Mudra. This mudra is tremendous straightforward to carry out because it solely features a finger and thumb of your fingers.

Steps to carry out Surya Mudra

  • Sit on yoga mat along with your again straight.
  • Connect the tip of your ring finger along with your thumb.
  • Hold this place in a method that your palms are dealing with upward whereas resting in your knees.
  • Hold this place for 45 minutes each day. If you discover the time too prolonged you are able to do it with the intervals of quarter-hour.

3. Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra

The principal operate of Gyan mudra is to permit your physique to relaxation. This mudra helps you in reaching higher sleep.

It does so by cleansing your thoughts. Lack of sleep/relaxation is without doubt one of the principal causes for gaining weight. When your physique achieves the sleep required per day it then features at full capability.

Gyan means “Knowledge” in Sanskrit. It helps you in gaining data of your existence, of your physique. When you've got achieved good sleep your physique then boosts the degrees of metabolism.

Steps to carry out Gyan Mudra

  • Sit straight with legs crossed.
  • Bring your index finger and thumb collectively. While preserve the opposite fingers erect.
  • Close your eyes for higher focus and for peace of your soul.
  • Hold each fingers in your knees whereas palms dealing with upward

4. Linga Mudra

Linga Mudra

Although, in Hinduism the entire observe of Yoga is attributed to Gods, saying that Gods practiced Yoga themselves, nevertheless, Linga Mudra has a particular place.

It is named Lord Shiva’s mudra. They consider that Shiva himself practiced Linga mudra and was considered one of his favorites. But not solely mythology, however Linga mudra can also be efficient in the actual world as properly.

When you carry out this mudra, your complete physique will develop into energetic. This observe helps your physique in eliminating a substance “Ama” that causes fats within the physique.

The gesture of this mudra means the victory of positivity over negativity. It additionally helps you within the quick restoration of any organ that isn't working successfully.

Steps to carry out Linga Mudra

  • Sit on a mushy mat. Don’t sit on flooring as a chilly flooring would possibly disturb the stream of vitality.
  • Don’t open your eyes whereas doing it as it might disturb your meditation.
  • Interlock the fingers of each fingers with the palms pressed towards one another. Put as a lot stress as you possibly can tolerate in your heads as it's going to make the observe simpler.
  • Do this train 25 minutes each day.

5. Prana Mudra

Prana Mudra

Prana Mudra is sort of a magic. It provides life to the physique. In Sanskrit, Prana Mudra means the mudra of life.

The observe of Prana Mudra releases vitality in the entire physique, which makes certain that each organ of the physique is working effectively.

This vitality makes you energetic to your complete day of labor. Prana Mudra helps you in eliminating laziness out of your physique. It additionally will increase the stream of respiration.

Steps to carry out Prana Mudra

  • Sit in a room the place is not any noise.
  • Close your eyes and take deep breathes.
  • Raise index and center finger in the way in which of victory. Combine the information of the remainder of the fingers with thumb.
  • Do this with each fingers one after the other.
  • Stay on this place for 25 minutes each day.

6. Kapha-Nashak Mudra

Kapha-Nashak Mudra

There are a number of components within the physique of a human. Two of them are Kapha and Pitta. The Kapha ingredient is the image of the earth whereas pitta represents hearth.

The principal intention of Kapha-Nashak Mudra is to carry equilibrium within the physique. The ingredient Kapha which implies earth reveals the burden within the physique.

While hearth is for the soul. This observe provides satisfaction to the soul whereas holding the physique to regulate weight. It stops the physique from gaining pointless weight.

Steps to carry out Kapha-Nashak Mudra

  • Sit straight along with your eyes closed.
  • Hold your fingers straight within the air because the again of their palms face you.
  • Bring your index and ring finger to the palm of your fingers whereas bringing your thumb to the touch it as properly.
  • Raise each index and little finger within the air.
  • Do this for 40 minutes each day to get higher outcomes.

7. Pushan Mudra

Pushan Mudra

Just like Surya Mudra, Pushan Mudra can also be good for the digestion of meals. Digestion is a really large issue that contributes to your weight acquire or loss.

If your digestion is poor the meals won't digest and can develop into part of your physique. However, in case your digestive system works nice you'll really feel stronger and energetic.

Steps to carry out Pushan Mudra

  • This mudra could be very straightforward particularly if in case you have watched the Spiderman film.
  • Sit straight with legs crossed.
  • Connect the information of each ring and center finger along with your thumbs.
  • Do it quarter-hour each day. Do it after you've got eaten your meal as it's going to work extra effectively.

Some Tips together with Mudra

Mudra is a really environment friendly method of dropping pounds however if you happen to observe the next suggestions it's going to breed good outcomes for you.

Although, Mudra takes care of your digestion and weight reduction however you will need to keep away from consuming quite a lot of unhealthy stuff. Eat home made meals as a lot as potential. Most of all keep away from consuming quick meals.

Don’t lie down in your sofa the entire day. You don’t should carry out any exhaustive train together with mudra however it is best to no less than make one of the best use of your physique.

Wake early within the morning go for a stroll each day. If not each day then no less than 4 days every week.

Avoid consuming a substance that accommodates quite a lot of sugar. For instance chilly drinks and Alcohol. Instead, drink as a lot water as potential.

Keep your self hydrated. This will assist you to filter out your physique. Eliminating all unhealthy stuff.

Focus in your respiration. Breathing can also be part of yoga. Take no less than 10 deep breaths in a day. In the recent air of the morning if potential.

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Brief historical past of Yoga

The phrase Yoga means “Unite” within the Sanskrit language. The principal thought of yoga is to unite a person’s (Atma) consciousness with the consciousness of the universe (paratam).

Although the observe of Yoga has been right here for hundreds of years. But the historical past of yoga was revolutionized very just lately by Swami Vivekananda, a yogi.

He got here to the USA to advertise yoga. The folks of the USA discovered yoga very fascinating and efficient. They fall in love with the observe.

Today a whole bunch of hundreds of thousands of individuals all the world over observe yoga on each day foundation. This consists of Mudra as properly.


The historical observe of Mudra has supplied lots of people with higher outcomes. The fascinating factor about Yoga is that it has been practiced by a whole bunch of generations throughout time.

There are quite a lot of emotions related with it. Mudra, if utilized accurately, will assist you to in dropping pounds. However, you will need to observe the directions given alongside every Mudra observe.

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