New day, a brand new put up. I'm right here once more with one other subject on clothes and this time on blue shirt matching pants.

Blue is quite common in clothes and most of the people like to have not less than one blue apparel with them.

But having a blue shirt and sporting it in a rightful method are two various things. I've seen many individuals go and purchase a lovely blue shirt however usually fail to match it correctly.

And, some even do catastrophe after they match a wholly reverse shade of pants with their blue shirt.

Today, within the put up I'm going that can assist you decide the best shade of pant that goes properly with a blue shirt.

Also, you will need to know the shade of blue you have got. A distinct shade of blue means totally different shades of pant.

It is at all times advisable to match a lighter shade with a darker shade for an ideal match.

For instance, a lighter shade of blue shirt goes properly with a darkish shade of blue or gray pant.

So, allow us to now dive in to know what all colours of pants match properly with a darkish and light-weight blue shirt.

6 Blue shirt matching pant mixture outfit (Dark, Light, Navy blue)

1. Light blue shirt with black pant outfit

Just take a look on the under apparel within the pic. You will discover {that a} gentle blue shirt is looking of the world with a darkish shade pant, a black one.

And, because of this it's at all times the most effective thought to match a lightweight shade with a blue one.

Source: Flipkart

So, when you've got a lightweight blue shirt, the black pant is an ideal match. Your black pant could be a cotton pant, denims, or a Capri.

And the most effective factor a few black shade is that it will probably match any shade of blue, gentle or darkish.

So, when you've got a darkish or gentle blue shirt, be happy to match them with black trousers.

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2. Dark blue shirt matching blue pant/denims outfit

Dark blue shirt matching blue pant/jeans outfit combination idea
Source: Flipkart

A blue-jeans once more is an out-of-world match to a blue shade shirt.

But an necessary factor to notice is that your blue denims have to be of a lighter shade to match a darkish shade of blue shirt.

If you have got a darkish blue shirt you'll be able to put on it with white informal sneakers and blue denims. This is an ideal blue shirt combo outfit for a person.

3. Navy blue shirt matching white pant outfit

Navy blue shirt matching light grey pant outfit
Source: Flipkart

Another blue-light-grey outfit that you'll love sporting each time you exit.

And this mixture is my private favourite. I like sporting darkish blue with a lighter gray however not purely white.

Again it's a private alternative and I'm not saying white pant shouldn't be an ideal match. Even the subsequent outfit is in regards to the white pant and a blue shirt combo.

But I really feel a lighter gray is simple to hold in comparison with a white pant.

White pant wants extra time in upkeep and if you're good at it, you might be good to go together with a white else gentle gray appears charming.

4. Light blue shirt matching white pant outfit

Light blue shirt matching white pant outfit
Source: Flipkart

And right here comes a white pant with a lightweight blue shirt. You can put on a darkish blue shirt with a white pant as properly.

Both mixtures of blue go properly with white pant. White appears basic and folks simply love this shade.

But having a white pant and sustaining it are two various things. As talked about earlier, white wants extra consideration and if you're good at white, simply go for it.

5. Light blue shirt matching khaki cotton pant outfit

Light blue shirt matching khakhi cotton pant outfit
Source: Flipkart

Khakhi-colored pant is a brand new development and it goes properly with nearly any sort and shade of pants. The khaki offers you a desi and retro really feel.

And the excellent news is you could match a lightweight shade of blue with a khakhi-colored pant. Just take note to match a dark-light combo for an ideal look.

6. Dark blue shirt with slate gray pant outfit

Source: Flipkart

Here is my second greatest match, slate gray pants with a blue shirt. Even I really feel protected sporting white informal sneakers for an ideal outfit.

Also, when you've got a darker shade of slate gray you'll be able to simply put on it with a lightweight blue shirt. Never overlook the dark-light combo for an ideal match.

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