Vitamin B12 is a crucial and water-soluble vitamin nutritional vitamins important for the human physique. It is necessary so that you can know that vitamin B12 helps operate our nervous system correctly.

Not solely this, however Vitamin B12 can also be accountable for the manufacturing of Red Blood Cells in our physique.

It is broadly present in animal merchandise like animal liver and kidney, tuna, salmon, and so on. But in nations like India the place nearly all of the inhabitants is vegetarian, it turns into necessary to know veg sources of Vitamin B12.

Almost all greens have some portion of vitamin B12 in them however some greens are wealthy in Vitamin B12.

Therefore, on this put up, I’ll aid you with the checklist of all common greens which can be wealthy in Vitamin B12. But earlier than this, right here is one other truth you have to find out about Vitamin B12 significance.

Do you already know that our physique cannot make Vitamin B12 by itself and needs to be taken by dietary supplements and diets? Therefore, it’s necessary so that you can know the sources of Vitamin B12 as a way to embody them in your food regimen.

And, it turns into much more necessary for girls who’re pregnant and somebody having Vitamin B12 deficiency.

So, allow us to get began with the checklist of all greens wealthy in Vitamin B12

6 Best Vegetables wealthy in Vitamin B12

1. Beetroot

Beetroot could be very nutritious and well-known for its many well being advantages. Beets are additionally identified for his or her content material of Vitamin B12 and different necessary vitamins and are wealthy in minerals and calcium.

In India, folks like to eat Beets within the type of a Salad. In southern India, folks put together totally different recipes and curries with them. So, subsequent time attempt to embody beetroots in your food regimen and get their max advantages.

2. Mushroom

Mushroom is one other common meals that’s wealthy in Vitamin B12 and belongs to fungi species. Not solely Vitamin B12, however Mushrooms are additionally good sources of proteins, nutritional vitamins, and minerals like potassium and phosphorus.

There are forms of curries and soups ready utilizing Mushrooms in India. Next time don’t forget so as to add mushrooms to your food regimen if in search of a vegetable wealthy in Vitamin B12.

3.  Alfalfa

Alfalfa could sound a bit totally different and is derived from the Arabian language. In Arabic, it means the pinnacle of a plant.

Alfalfa is an excellent supply of Vitamin B12 and its roots are discovered deep under the earth (round 20 to 30 toes deep).

Not simply Vitamin B12, Alfalfa is wealthy in different necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutritional vitamins. Do not overlook to incorporate alfalfa as they’re probably the greatest sources of Vitamin B12.

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4. Potatoes

Potatoes are quite common in India, significantly in north India. Indians have a particular love for potatoes that are eaten broadly in several varieties and recipes.

The advantage of potatoes is that it’s a good supply of Vitamin B12. If eaten sparsely, they’ve many well being advantages and are wealthy in vitamins.

Potatoes are wealthy in nutritional vitamins, magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium, and so on. It could be very simple to incorporate potatoes in your food regimen and there are a variety of potato recipes one can attempt.

Potatoes can simply alter with different greens and style good within the type of curries. Also, potatoes may be simply blended with different Vitamin B12 greens to get the max advantages.

5. Spinach

Here comes a inexperienced leafy vegetable quite common in each Indian family. Spinach or palak is loaded with vitamins and has many well being advantages.

Maybe that is the rationale, spinach is broadly common and has many medicinal properties. The good factor is, spinach can also be identified to be a superb supply of vitamin B12.

They are additionally wealthy in potassium, iron, nutritional vitamins C and E, and magnesium. You could make a variety of good tasty recipes out of spinach. You can embody them in your soup, curries, and so on.

In north India, spinach is popularly eaten within the type of saag (a boiled spinach recipe).

6. Butternut squash

Last however not least, Butternut squash is just not that common in comparison with different greens. But much less reputation doesn’t imply fewer well being advantages. Butternut squash is one other vegetable that’s wealthy in Vitamin B12.

Some folks deal with them as greens and a few like fruits. Another advantage of Butternut squash is that also they are excessive in minerals and fibers

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Final Thought

I hope you favored this checklist of greens wealthy in Vitamin B12 and obtained some helpful info. As a vegetarian, I can perceive how necessary it turns into to eat Vitamin B12 from veg sources.

Vegetables are extremely consumed in India and subsequently it is vitally essential to know all the nice sources of greens excessive in Vitamin B12.

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