Your search ends right here, discover the listing of fruits identify in Hindi and English with photographs on this submit. If you are attempting to study the identify of fruits in English or are confused about fruits names in Hindi, you’re going to get the fruit identify listing in each languages on this submit.

Here is the listing for you…

Fruits Name in Hindi and English listing

Fruits Name in EnglishFruits Name in Hindi
Custard Appleसीताफल
Java plumजामुन
Dragon Fruitड्रैगन फल
एलीगेटर नाशपाती
Kiwi Fruitकीवी

Fruits identify listing with photographs pdf file obtain

It occurs many instances that we exit for grocery purchasing and neglect the fruit’s identify. Sometimes protecting an inventory of fruit names could be helpful. You simply must take out the listing, see the picture of the fruit and discover out its identify.

It occurs with many individuals, they know the identify of the fruits of their native languages however forgets their English names. It is at all times higher to study the names than seek for the names on Google. As a newbie, it’s okay to maintain the listing of fruits names to study. But with time, you’ll not be depending on the listing and might simply bear in mind the names.

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10 Common fruits and their names in India

Below is an inventory of fruits which can be broadly eaten in India. In many Indian festivals and conventional events, you can find these Indian fruits simply obtainable available in the market.

  1. Mango (Aam in Hindi)
  2. Banana (Kela in Hindi)
  3. Pineapple (Ananas in Hindi)
  4. Orange (Santara in Hindi)
  5. Apple (Seb in Hindi)
  6. Grape (Angoor in Hindi)
  7. Guava (Aamrood in Hindi)
  8. Pomegranate (Anaar in Hindi)
  9. Papaya (Papita in Hindi)
  10. Watermelon (Taarbuj in Hindi)

Fruits like mangoes are available from the month of June to August. In different phrases, mangoes are grown in the summertime season. Apples, bananas, oranges, and so forth are additionally very talked-about Indian fruits.

FAQs on fruits identify

  1. What do you name Pomegranate in Hindi?

    Pomegranate is known as Anar or अनार in Hindi. It is a very talked-about Indian fruit utilized in styles of salads and recipes.

  2. What is जामुन or Jamun in English?

    Jamun is popularly often called Java plum in English. It is darkish blue in shade and tastes bitter and candy.

  3. What is Custard Apple in Hindi?

    Custard Apple can be known as sitafal or सीताफल in Hindi. Another identify of Custard Apple is Sarifa in Hindi.

  4. What is Amla in English?

    Amla is known as an Indian Gooseberry in English. It is bitter in style and considered one of many healthiest meals to incorporate in a food regimen.

  5. What is Blueberry known as in Hindi?

    The Hindi identify of Blueberry is नीलबदरी or Neel Badri.

  6. What is the ten fruit identify?

    Here is the listing of 10 fruit names:
    1. Mango
    2. Banana
    3. Pineapple
    4. Orange
    5. Apple
    6. Guava
    7. Pomegranate
    8. Papaya
    9. Grape
    10. Watermelon

Final Thought

I hope you bought some helpful data from our listing of names of the fruits. I attempted my greatest to gather the identify of the fruits in tabular format. Also, to your comfort, I’ve connected the fruit names listing pdf file that you could obtain and use as per your necessities. If you have got any questions you’re free to remark beneath, I shall be pleased to help you.

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